The weekend came and we went kayaking. What a joy. Though it started with a meltdown just as we started rowing because Jackie forgot her little mermaid toy in the car.

Then we went to a birthday party, and Monday at kindergarten the bossy girl was nice and chill – I wonder what triggers her incipient bullying. After kindergarten we went swimming and on our way home it down-poured. Life is delicious. Someone paid us a compliment about the gift of family we are giving our daughter, and I said with no trace of hidden feelings: “we get rewarded so generously with life and joy in the present.”

I was talking with a mom at the birthday party about the confusing feelings I have about the wait of our second daughter. And I wonder why I’m not more uneasy, edgy, impatient. God is in control. Always. Of the daughter that is currently in my care, and the daughter who has not yet been entrusted to us. And when they fly out of the nest, they will still be in God’s gracious care. We are here for a little while, to love and delight in the joy brought on by these kids, to serve them and care for them, and allow God to shape us through the challenges of parenting.