June 1st, 2018

“Open your eyes and you will see that I am God. You will see that I am in all things. You will see that I do everything. You will see that I have never ceased to carry out my plans, nor will I ever cease. You will see that I am leading all things to the end that I decided for them ahead of time, with the same power, wisdom, and love with which I created them. How could things get out of hand? ” “Revelations of Divine Love” – ​​Julian of Norwich

I sometimes worry that things will not go according to my heart’s plan. I hold lightly in my heart, things, places, people. In fact, I made a sport of detachment. And yet, sometimes dreams become precious, vivid, too important for me not to shudder at the thought of forgoing this adoption. But I search my heart, shake my fears off and open my hands. God carries out His plans. We set out on the path of adoption again. And the quote above encouraged and filled me with peace.

God was indeed faithful in every way. He watched over Evelyn in the most personal way. He filled our lives with joy and His presence as we waited. This week we bring Evelyn home for good.