Join me in prayer

Jaclyn prays for her sister at every meal and occasionally at bed time. Short and sweet. She sighs and says with pathos: “Dear God!!! Thank you for my little sister that she is safe and joins us soon”. That’s how she asks for things. “Thank you for my dad’s leg to get better!”

She may be on to something with giving thanks before the gifts are given and received in abundance. “Thankfulness precedes the miracle!”

Yesterday we went to an yearly event organized cleverly and graciously by the Child protection services county office. I love those people. I continue to be in awe of their work and heart.

The social worker that first told me about J’s sister came to me and volunteered more information, the little she had. But it made my heart tight. It will be a long road ahead. I am usually reluctant to ask many questions at this stage, as I don’t know how much I’m supposed to know, but this lady is very generous volunteering information. I dared to ask “so you saw her!” She said she was there when J’s sister was picked up. She was dirty and scared. She has entered the protection services, and is on the road to healing, but this is the most traumatic season for a child in her situation… losing her person of reference, a steady caregiver. It is now that she will feel most vulnerable and abandoned. And time flies. And papers moves slow. They haven’t made much progress in the past two months. It made me realize that a year may go by until we meet her. And that breaks my heart. I want to wrap her in my arms, and protect her and whisper the Truth of her worth and of how much she is loved already.

For the things that are out of my control, I find it easy to entrust them to God, and not fret too much over… but this is yet again different. How do we actively yet patiently wait? …Knowing (of) her already. Because things move so slow. Or to they? They move in God’s timing and on this journey I know we will learn a great deal. It is not about us. Pray for her little heart. For her body to heal, to be safe for her mind to Know. Jackie remembers being one, in the hospital, crying for mommy and mommy never coming. That is what breaks my heart. The many kids in hospitals, waiting for months for their status to be clarified. A most recent documentary was released, with similar situations – the trauma of long hospital transitions – AdorCopiii