Respect your parents

Jaclyn receives some beautiful clothes as a gift. God bless the friends who are a little older and have quite the style. And they generously pass them on.

This morning she goes, chooses an outfit, goes to the bathroom, closes the door and changes. Sometimes we do that when we want certain privacy. We notice the change. She picked out beautiful clothes. Daddy held her with the snaps, though for a long while she stubbornly declined the help. Not 5 minutes pass and she says: “I need to try the red pants too”. “No you don’t. You just got dressed. You can wear them after the nap.” Silently she goes to her closet. I hear her. I’m still in bed, eyes closed, so tired after a very long very fun day yesterday sad the sleepover the night before, when we didn’t sleep much.
She comes out with new clothes, again needing help with the buttons. Daddy looks at her surprised that she changed again and reminded her that we both told her she can change later. To which she yells “I do what I want!” Mind you she is four and a half. Crosses her arms and says with defiant clarity in English: “I don’t have to do what you say!” “Excuse me?” Asks her daddy. She doesn’t back down. With fierce voice says again: “I don’t have to listen to you!” Ops! While it’s almost cute to see a four year old be so bold, it can’t pass. It’s a bud of disrespect and we can’t let it unchecked. She gets two pats on her bum with new pants. She cries. Out of frustration, sadness of disconnecting with daddy. He tells her calmly: “your attitude is disrespectful and you actually have to do what I tell you to do”.

As of late I often have this conversation with her. “I want what’s best for you, and often I know better, but you are learning what’s good for you. But for now you need to listen to mommy” later we opened her little bible and read the Ten Commandments. She wasn’t keen on it. It talks about respect of parents and truthfulness and not desiring other’s stuff… hard things to understand for a four year old. But there is no better time to start learning than today.