Idealizing the past

We slept in the same room. We had the loft, where it was so peaceful, sometimes eerily quiet. You could hear your thoughts rumble. 

And the girls had bunk beds below. At some point we had a two people couch. A Chesterton. Then we had Jackie’s desk. With the best natural light. Then this toy kitchen and the armchair. In it I read. I looked out the window over the cornfield. In it i wrote or I took short naps. As you can see, we even hung a swing. 

This room had two large windows facing different directions and easy access bathroom. 

We also had a large living room where we actually lived during the day. Conrad worked. We read. We looked out the window. We watched movies. We played endless games on the white coffee table. 

The kitchen had a large entry without a door. And a balcony with a large door facing yet another direction. We saw the sunset from there. 

It was a small space for four people and a dog. We had another very useful bathroom as two little bladders tested with endless play would all remember to be emptied at the same time.  

I have fond memories here. The first home we owned. A small apartment, Where we brought the girls home. I’d live there again. Conrad would not. The cigarette smoke from the corner neighbors was so intense it made us all gag. We stopped spending time on the balcony.

Alas, this is a picture of early childhood and our mid 30s with young kids and a different kind of busy.