As I was getting ready for bed, I clicked and listened to this interview.

I stumbled on this woman’s blog (Andreea) a few year ago, and it was so poignant, it moved me to tears every time I would read it. At some point I got to meet her mom share her story in an intimate setting. As her mom was talking, towards the end, I realized the connection between the blogger and this wonderful wise older woman. We connected and we made a lasting impression on each other. Our circle of friends overlapped more and more. Also her eldest daughter started school with my eldest daughter. Then we wold meet at schools events, at pickup and occasionally in the park. 

We are travelers to Heaven. Each with our unique story and path. And my soul is uplifted by her shared words and faith. 

In this interview, she shared a few more details of her story, but a few very specific ideas stuck out. Her faith was influenced, shaped by a very specific prayer with her dad. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer when Andreea was 12 and her father prayed out loud, alongside his two daughters: “Heavenly Good Father, I know you have the power to heal my wife, and I pray that you do so. But even if you don’t heal her, I will continue to praise and love you. May Your will be done.” His passion and love and commitment and trust in the Goodness of God made a lasting impression on Andreea. 

As I pray most often, most evenings, with my daughters, I realize that the most weighty and influential part of my parenting happens, or is sealed, during our prayer time.


I hope and long for a grateful heart for my daughters. Ingratitude begets hopelessness. 

I can’t nag them into gratitude. 

Andreea was also asked how she managed to stave off the impending despair or depression, as her husband died in a skydiving accident a few days before their third child was born. She talked from her own circumstantial perspective, and didn’t discount the necessity for professional help for those who need it, but she practiced two things: she flooded her mind with songs of praise, listening and then joining in  singing, once her lips would catch up with her mind and heart. Also, after putting the kids to bed, at night, she would take the Bible and start memorizing the scripture, as she felt nudged by the Spirit. Flooding her mind with His Words, eating it up, it lifted her up soul, her mind, above the clouds. 

Observing her grace as she walks her talk, it inspires me to steady my footing, and lift my eyes up to the sky. Her hopefulness is contagious. Her walk by faith is filled with light.