Home alone

Conrad is in Croatia for two weeks. I’ve been looking forward to a change of pace. The house is undisturbed during the day. I keep busy, I do my thing. J goes to kindergarten and then we find things to do together in the afternoon.

Yesterday we went for an evening walk and stumbled on some little friends, so J spent a couple of hours playing and we socialized. We even stayed longer for home made pizza. It was a very pleasant long day.

I thought about this a lot. I have a renewed gratitude for dual parenting and for Conrad’s seamless intertwining within daily life and responsibilities. But we adapt. We are such adaptable creatures. I used to lay in bed a little longer past the alarm, until Conrad took Rufus for a morning walk and made coffee. I would walk out zombie like and have my delicious cup, waking up slowly. Now I jump out of bed, start the water, get dressed warm (it’s very cold in the morning), walk Rufus, come back and make coffee, and I warm J a glass of chocolate milk, so I don’t drink the hot beverage by myself. I ring the bell and now J walks out of the room, zombie like.

It’s only been three days. It’s odd to be the playful and the responsible and the only parent. My parents are gone for a couple of weeks as well, to gather the fall crops from the house in the mountains. It eerie. But I love being home alone. I always did. The only difference is that I have two little creatures to tend to.

Conrad asked me to take pictures of Jackie. So I do.

Surprisingly, it has been a a very social week so far.

#MămiciDeBambi ❤️ what a blessing! In a warm, bright Fall, these meetings are equally warm and bright. Our conversations flow like warm milk with honey, about day to day life, joys, challenges, kids, and everything is natural wrapped in hope, and this makes all the difference. I leave these meetings with a grateful heart, filled with prayer for all the moms, women and my friends. It’s comes easier to pray. My heart is encouraged and softened and tuned in.

The biggest challenge in keeping in touch with friends, meeting regularly, is time and/or context. But with a little bit of will and creativity, a bench in the park near our kids’ kindergarten, it all we need. Behold, our kids, through their existence yet absence (as in: we don’t just meet for play-dates, nagged by our kids), they enable our social life.

ce binecuvântare! Intr-o toamna caldă, luminoasa, Întâlnirile astea sunt pe măsura. Conversațiile curg, usor ca laptele cu miere, despre viața de zi cu zi, bucurii, provocări, copii, dar totul e împachetat natural cu nădejde, si asta face toata diferența. Plec de aici cu inima mulțumitoare si cu rugaciune pentru mămici, femei, prietene. Imi vine mai ușor sa ma rog. Marea piedica in Întâlnirile cu prietenii este timpul, contextul. Cu un pic de voința si creativitate, o banca in parcul de langa gradinita copiilor nostri este tot ce avem nevoie. Iată, copiii nostri, prin existența si absența lor, ne înlesnesc viața socială.