Grandparents birthdays

We had a great day on my parents birthday during the pandemic year.

We were alone on the terrace of a fancy restaurant. Nobody smoked. The food was fresh and delicious. And beautifully served. And my parents paid.
The girls tried everything and ate well. We fulfilled all our cravings for sushi and ramen and tempura and spice.
It was a meal to remember. And we nearly missed it, because we had to have two separate tables, as the pandemic doesn’t allow more than 4 guests at a table. And their yard/driveway didn’t allow for much finagling. It was perfect though.
At home we had frozen mocha cheesecake share with the local grandparent. The cake was made by conrad and it was amazing! Right before bedtime we FaceTimes with the grandparents and we laughed our heads off! It was a good day. A very good day indeed. And we keep sharing fruit and jams with neighbors. Next year the girls we’ll sell fruit, jams and jellies if they want to make some money. 🙂