Both girls will have a different childhood experience, no matter how much we would try to make it even.

Jackie had us to herself for 3 years. Evelyn has a sister to share childhood with.

The other day jackie told me though tears, that she feels we don’t give her as much attention anymore. The truth is the girls play together a lot. And we are home full time during a pandemic. We are at their disposal. But the attention is split. Evelyn doesn’t have what to compare her time with, and she receives every attention with glee, as if it was abundant and special. Jackie misses adult time with us. Only us. Upon her sharing her feelings with me, daddy asked her out on a date. Her tears turned into a huge grin. Then Evelyn heard word of an outing and said she wants to go too. She picked up the shoes and went to daddy and said: “I come too” daddy tried to explain that he is running an errand, getting coffee and going to the hardware store. She was still set on going. Jackie then said: I’ll stay home with mommy. We’ll watch a movie and have relaxed time. While Evelyn clings onto me otherwise, this time she couldn’t care less for cartoons and mommy. We switched and did as they both wanted. I watched a Japanese movie with Jackie and she did her exercises. It was so relaxing for me too! And Evelyn had a sweet time with daddy. Hiked up the Cetatuie on her own two feet, didn’t complain, was amiable and a trooper. All in all the day was great. We all need some time apart sometimes.