Funk transition

I’m in a creative funk. Being social for me takes some creativity, some lightness of mind and heart. I would much rather put my head down and plow a field, work hard. Quietly. I am a storm of tidying up in my house and sometimes I enlist the help if others, as my drive is contagious. I clean up around me in hopes that my mind will clear up as well. At least I pass the time with something to show for.

these days seem endless. In a week the kids go back to school. I anticipate the good social routine of my kids with glee but I dread the chauffeuring.

I hope I can refocus soon. I have many shelved projects. But my memory is busted. My structured mind. And I have a subliminal irritation with life and it’s constant interruptions. These days I’m trying to let go slowly, to take care of myself and relax truly. My mind juggles everything it seems. Too much.

but today we had snacks for dinner. Light sandwiches, cheese and chutney, and music. The girls were in heaven. Dancing and having a blast. I’m sure this is unusual atmosphere… because the girls are used to dinner around the table, manners reminders, some type of snafu and a side of irritation. I think the light dinner and a full serving of good mood was a success. Today was good. Playing short games during every break with the girls, swimming in the morning, having visitors briefly… the beginning of this Fall is energizing. I pray for courage, peace, and may God raise these girls for His glory and kingdom.