Fumbling vs confidence

For the most part, we fumble in the dark.

In retrospect our parents seemed so sure of themselves. Deep down, their griped the core values, while the expression of life was more made up on the go. Today, because we live such exposed lives, we try to polish the outside, while our core values remained undefined. 

I make questionable decisions for the untrained eye. On one hand, I struggle with doubt sometimes, and on the other, when I look at the grand perspective, I breath easy. I know who I am. I know what I believe. I live a life true to self. And I rest. On those silent days, my mind is to riddled with fear. But hope, and courage and faith. 

Kindness deep within will take the expression of kindness. Kindness to our children will be expressed in turn to others. Kindness as clarity, as boundaries, as good listening. Kindness as courage. Kindness in words. Not rehearsed words but expressed with genuine actions and eyes.