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I live intuitively. And sometimes I believe it’s not half bad. On the contrary. The wisdom of relationships and of parenting is deeply seeded in us. It’s just that sometimes I need to know why I do what I do. To rationally justify my choices and to solidify them. 

I learned from a psychologist who, for 30 years has been analyzing and did therapy with children, that a simple gesture of hospitality towards the little friends of our kids can strengthen the feeling of belonging of our own child, in his own tribe.

When our door is open towards the friends of our kids, with smiles, with a dessert, a fruit or a lemonade, the kids gain courage in their own value and their feeling of belonging. 

When I was little we went to visit friends (or we welcomed guests) but we never went by ourselves to visit friends our age. For reasons of vigilance, commodity or lacking. Luckily we had a Grandma in country side where we spent our summers, with cousins and endless play. 

Jackie, if she could, she’d go visit our neighbors all day every day, and she would ask them to come over as well. It’s nice to have a crowd when you’re a kid. It’s cool to visit. It’s new, different and interesting. I discover she’s extended  random invitations, at appropriate times or not, to others as well. I’m glad of her comfortability, social inclination and hospitality. She is used to having people visit us and she welcomes any and all. 

The last few days she either went and had dinner at our neighbors or they came over to eat at our place. What a joy! What a delight! The kids, amongst themselves, with philosophical discussions or giggling. With healthy and relatively fast eating, with politeness and appreciation. I love the little guests. They are easygoing, honest and have no complicated expectations. And when we are ready to be done as hosts, we tell them it’s time to all go out. And they follow.