I don’t know if kids come and play with all the other parents, but when Conrad and I arrive at kindergarten to pick Jackie up, a handful of kids drop everything to come and play with us. Conrad makes silly faces at them, tickles them, chases them around. Ah, the squeals and laughter!

There is a little girl in the foster system who started attending kindergarten at the same time with Jackie. She pierces us with her eyes every time we show up. Yesterday she played with Conrad so much, while I was getting Jackie’s shoes on. When I asked Jackie “are you ready to go?” Flori answered decisively: “da!” …Then she wouldn’t let go of Conrad’s hands. Then kissed his hand.

How can one not feel torn?

We have been talking adopting more kids from day 1. We don’t even know what her status is. Many kids are in limbo with parents who can’t take care of them but they don’t let go of their parental rights either. I know many families waiting to be matched with such a lovely child.