Father’s Day

Nobody or very few people know that today Romania celebrates Father’s Day. Anyway, we did observe this special day with a hike. A 13.5 km hike. As we got in the car, he asked for his gift: “no complaining on his Father’s Day hike.” The girls agreed. Including me.

We picked up yummy food from Lidl on the way up to the “Bride’s Veil” waterfall. And had a very pleasant day. Exhausting and sun kissed, with minimal grumpiness and packed with laughter. The girls still talked my ears off. Ivy asked me: “mommy, is it ok if I’m annoying sometimes?” I told her it’s ok, then Conrad told me he can’t be my bouncer if I give the enemy the key. Then she said: “you should try to smile more…” [mami, încearcă să zâmbești mai mult]. I have such smarty pants daughters. “Mommy do you love me even if I fall on my butt and rip my pants?” “What if I get dirt or cow poop on my new shoes?” “I know you love me all the time.” [Știu că mă iubești tot timpul].

Conrad says he is becoming his father, and I think it is hilarious because I know he was a handful as a kid. The trouble he got himself into, falling from trees, teasing his sisters… We were trying to take a family picture and the girls made all the goofy faces, or showed the half chewed food in their mouth, or smiled with a constipated face. He remembers his dad saying at take 2: “smile with your teeth”, then take 3: “not all the teeth!”

At the end of the day we were tired and happy. And Conrad was happy. And I was happy.

I used to worry about the inconsistency of my feelings or energy level from one day to the next. But it might be wise to take the good days at face value and fill up the tank with these happy memories.