Faith does not exclude the plea for justice.

Adopting is like building a house. The procedure is complex and it involves many specialists. It takes time and commitment. But every chapter can and should be tackled efficiently and with a sense of urgency. It says so in the law.

The eagerness to move into the new house is valid and justified. The eagerness of new parents to be united with their children is not impatience is intense love and hope, tempered with patience.

Alright. So I follow my heart. I speak up. And then I let go. Because I did my part. I just read a message from a friend and in his signature was proverbs 31:8

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

I often fear that we say we’ll pray for things to happen, as an excuse to not take action.

I try to do my part. The best I know how. While I try just as hard to not lose my peace.

Easter has come and gone. With Jackie I watched the “Life of Jesus” movie. A classic. And I savored reading the gospel of John.

My girls know best how to enjoy the present at its fullest, and they share their simple joy with us. Sisters cooking on Easter

My personal journey with God is more tangible than ever. My conversations with Him are clearer. I have asked for clarity in understanding what He wants with me. To show me His way. To show me His glory. It’s humbling.

I have also been praying for very specific things. And because He answers, so timely and specifically, it makes me shiver.
He proves his faithfulness over and over, and even with the strongest faith, we react like the kids who hear a plain “yes” from their parents while we are still pleading. In disbelief.

The Psalms give me a voice. And courage. Isaiah 40 is also a stepping stone as this week’s assignment from the Rabbi.

I want endless peace. I want God’s company and presence beyond the hard and confusing times. I feel inadequate in such times when no matter what we do, even from far away, we stand out. Because everyone is in the same boat of solitude.