I can’t remember the last time I was so tired. It’s Friday night. A few hours ago I drove Ivy back, along with her foster mom and teenage daughter… After a day of driving there and back in the morning, to get Ivy’s medical certificate for the adoption final file.

I was just 15 km away from home when I hit traffic. Conrad was still in town with Jackie, having a grand time together, Daddy-daughter date, lunch at A La Tarte, shopping, skipping, riding the bus. I was so glad for them. Their joy upon their return energized me briefly.

The night before ended late, and I spared them the hassle of driving Ivy back. So I had a sweet time in the car just us two. I sang her an old classic, “Little bird” from Osana-Osana, and she picked it up.

A few more intense days are ahead, but at least tomorrow is Saturday and I plan to let my body rest and wake up on its own.

It was a great day by all accounts. We are just utterly exhausted: mentally, physically, emotionally. These last two weeks we drove back and forth, sometimes twice a day, to see our girl, or bring her home then take her back. About 1000km. We keep refilling the tank. But we knew it will be a driving adventure. We just hold on tight until the next season commences. Praying for a smooth transition, good communication and building trust, expressing and processing emotions, energy and wisdom on our part. It is as good as it could be right now. We need to “just keep swimming.”