Do I trust my emotions?

I rely on them often. They are an engine of eloquence, of drive, of courage. I have learned to slow down and pray, commit my overdrive to God. But then I go for it. I speak my mind. I take action. I make decisions.

I am an emotional activist. And in my youth I learned to sleep on it for good measure. If in the morning I feel and see the same, I move forward with it, and I assume and accept whatever the consequences.

Too often we try to act on a cool heart. A dry mind. But I guess we experience God and life in different ways. Cerebrally and emotionally. And we need a combination of both for complexity and a broader picture.

The department we are waiting on to evaluate our youngest daughter’s case, has been audited last month. The child protection office has been under scrutiny this year, and it resulted in 8 disciplinary actions and two lawsuits.

The preliminary evaluation of the child protection case management department indicates general deficiencies in the system, excessive bureaucracy and unclear legislation.

But this is not normal business stuff. We don’t just halt the child protection activities.

I’ve wrestled with what to do, and decided to follow up. Today I made some calls, I sent some messages, and that’s when I learned about the current dire situation. Tomorrow we want to pay a visit to the child protection office.

Children are trapped in a broken system. Twice forgotten. And we feel stuck. Let’s see what doors we could open tomorrow.