Creativity nurtured in routine

I was utterly impressed by Mate’s coherent talk from the heart. So much wisdom packed into a personal story. His heart tenderized by pain early on, his mind able to see clearer, and be ready to adapt and to immerse in pure grace. His influence and power and skill, they all amount to something because his heart is in the right place. With vulnerability and approachability, he manages to be a bigger and a better man. Faith shines.

When asked for specific advice, he was able to listen and understand. To align and offer insightful guidance. For a creative person, embracing routine, establishing a routine, and keeping at it, will help one de-clutter the mind. Taking care of what needs to be done, and setting time aside for creativity, it make for a happier more productive creative person.

Needless to say, the incessant distractions of the smart phone are completely unnecessary. Get offline. Often. Stay online with purpose.

The closeness was visible. In the above picture you see people leaning in… to hear the soft trickling of a refreshing mountain river. @morganescu you would have been in vulnerability heaven (a proud papa), had you been here this weekend.

Decades later, the sprouts stand tall and strong, giving forth lush canopy, having deep tried roots. Time stood still and such diverse worlds connected in a heavenly moment.