Controlled environment

If there is a benefit to this “shelter in place”, is that we have an opportunity to understand what influences our kids’ behavior and how.

We have a new sister in our household, and the girls play a lot of silly games together, imaginative: they go to work, they wear fancy shoes, they act as teachers and doctors, as mommies and grammies. I’m grateful I am spared half the time of this constant game of pretending.

This morning I was half asleep but acting acting as my daughters’ baby. They covered me, they scolded me for misbehaving, they fed and comforted me. At some point Ivy says if I don’t behave she’ll decapitate me 😧 Jackie kindly corrected her. She said we don’t even joke about cutting anybody’s throat. Ivy agreed.

I have corrected Jackie on this topic several times. She picked up the idea of cutting one’s head off from somewhere. Including the motion. We’re reminded her a few times that it’s not funny nor appropriate. I was so proud of her for verbalizing the correction so kindly and clearly. And today she took the initiative in a positive way on most occasions. So I think to myself… maybe it’s not all lost and we’re making progress. As the inspired quote I read recently: count your day’s success by the seeds you plant not just the fruit you reap. There are seasons and seasons.

In our unit of four, without too many variables these days, there is peace, there is gratitude and joy. We will venture out in the world as well, but for now we connect, we soothe, we fill our cup with love.