A blessed evening

A home group. Cu dor de acasa.

We found ourselves in this new small community, new friends having adoption in common, to share our journey onward and upward. Our brokenness, our longing for God, our insecurity in walking by faith. Today we listened to a powerful speaker talk about our Eastern culture “addiction to comfort” and our lukewarm passion for God. We debated, we shared, we were inspired and had revelations about us, God, and how we long to express our love to our Father. Our love languages, in the context of faith.

We have seasons and seasons. And for me it’s easier to draw a parallel between my earthly relationships and my connection with God. I know deep down that God loves me, He is ever so patient, allows challenges in my life, helps me along, delights in me, is forgiving and opens doors widely.

I have felt closest to God in my darkest hours, but I also feel he’s kept me closer still, in the most joyous moments as well. Especially as a parent. We surrender when we hurt, when we don’t have control over our circumstances anymore. Maybe only when we truly meet God, sensing his presence even when times are good, and savoring the unencumbered joy. That is reaching enlightenment.

I’m digressing though…

Every time I meet with these fellow believers, I know we’re so different from each other and us, and it’s pure grace to find such common ground. Our wrestling with the Word, with God, feeling confused… seeking, searching.
I’m sorry I wasn’t better prepared to share my knowledge acquired as if late, but studying the word with PBCC, all theological, hard to chew, meaty stuff, going to the root, looking at the word, analyzing, putting it in historical context… the Word comes to life and it gives me such a sturdy foundation but maybe it’s only in my head. I wish I was ready to pass the gift along. And yet, we came as we were, true, and honest, seeking to understand, sharing our heart, our knowledge… I left this meeting elated, hopeful, encouraged beyond expectations. We journey together. And we verbalize our struggles of late, which haven’t had a sounding board in a while; we’ve feasted on the word online, and I filled my cup to the brim.

Getting a fresh sense of Our church of youth from California, our church as parents in Cluj.

It’s late. The girls had a load of fun. They fell asleep instantly.

Evelyn is more vocal but as delightful as ever.

Jaclyn is growing strong and independent and able and kind. More than ever she needs our guidance during this season of growth spurt. Much like her bones, her character needs strengthening and straightening. We all do.

May God help us be His proper tools on this incredible journey of parenting.