Back to Cluj

We arrived at 11 pm, after 24h of traveling. The city was asleep. I was exhausted.

The whole winter, there has been little snow. Thin layers of white, disappearing fast at the first sign of 1 degree celsius of warmth. The car is dirty and there is no point in washing it. Always, February is just grey all over.

Jetlag has been painful. But after over a week we seemed to get back into the routine of rest. We have been so busy, from adding new codes to our Romanian business for design services, to paying our property taxes to receiving a shipment from Taiwan. Deliveries in town, medical appointment to sign off on Jackie’s return to kindergarten. (If your child is absent for more than three days from school, or after vacation, you need to bring a medical evaluation that the child is fit to return into collectivity.) We had our trimestrial post adoption evaluation as well and we started swimming. Conrad’s design work commitments are due, and friends are waiting for hugs and stories.

Landing in California three months ago, felt like we never left. Returning was seamless as well. Who knows, maybe living in two worlds is smoother transitioning than we thought.

We had in plan to look into swapping apartments with a neighbor who is looking to downgrade and pay the remainder of the debt to the bank. Last night we met and talked. They are open to it, but as we looked at the practical aspect of it, cost and moving built in furniture (which the neighbor wants)… it’s daunting and seems less and less possible. Then there is a piece of land that Conrad saw in January and has been making plans in his heart. On Friday the owner will tell us if it’s still available, and we may go see it. Then on the adoption front: I reached out to our case responsible social worker and she said we need to get re-attested in order to adopt again, but no sooner than the end of April. Long story. And the attestation takes three months. Then back on the waiting list. As Conrad said: time goes by anyway. So we’ll just let God be in charge and we’ll just do our part in due time.

Swimming is again part of our routine, but even making time for that is challenging. This is an exciting year but we live one day at the time, make loose plans and work diligently in whatever we are called to do.

Social media has slipped on the back burner, in the trunk actually, and it feels good. Our personal private life is undocumented… I have taken very few pictures the past two weeks. And that’s ok. To Spring! All engines on. Full speed ahead. Let the sun shine!