Are you French?

When I met Conrad I knew our kids will be different. The gift and burden of international parents, bilingual and preprogramed with wanderlust

international | ˌin(t)ərˈnaSH(ə)n(ə)l |
adjective: existing, occurring, or carried on between two or more nations

Little did I know… Our kids are special, except I didn’t quite foresee how them being different will intertwine with the narrative.

Santa Claus asked J if she is she is French, as he called her up to give her the gift, most likely because of her unusual name in Romania. We pronounce the name in a French way because Romania is a latin country as well. Jackie replied that she is not French. She said she’s English. So Santa asked her what is she doing here! …as if there are so many other better places she could be living in. He asked her where was she born. She responded: Romania. “Where is that?” Santa asked. So all the kids responded loudly: “it’s the country we live in!” Silly Santa.

Santa didn’t interrogate any other kid about their origins… and I’m sure he was simply intrigued and fascinated. Jackie is quite charming and has very elegant mannerisms. And yet, I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that she is given such positive attention, all the while her story is an adoption story. Too often adoption stories are not viewed so positively in Romania. And bottom line, adopted kids don’t want pity nor to be ogled at. They want to live freely and joyously their childhood. Fame is sweetly addictive and then crushing. There is a time to fit in, to belong, and a time to embrace the gift of being different.