Almost there. Chapter 1 really.

Two years later it still feels as if we are in the process of writing chapter 1. Monday morning: I woke up at 6:30 and took rufus out. Actually he took me out for my first morning jogging. It was quite energizing! The sky was not quite lit, but had a dim red, blue and purple texture.

We had big plans for today: to complete the file for adoption. We had three successful trips, alas we still need two more things, and make a pitstop at the notary. Regardless, the adoption representative we saw today was very helpful. And explained things slowly and clearly so Conrad was able to follow. I admit, that after being looked at with suspicion, disbelief, or judgement, these last two weeks, the officials we talked with were awesome. We tell them we moved to Romania over a year ago, bought an apartment, started a business, reintegrated here, and here we are, steady on the path of adoption. I like the kind surprised look on their face, as they acknowledge the long term pursuit. Lately people either aren’t as opinionated, or I just don’t care.
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