A way through the wilderness

Two months ago I went to a meeting with a large number of families “in-waiting”. Single people and couples certified to adopt, waiting to be matched with an adoptable child. 

At the time, there were no kids in process of becoming adoptable. The week before I had caused some waves, documented on this blog, as I was in a lot of turmoil due to complete silence from their part. 

Two months later (meaning this week), I was invited again to the bimonthly meeting of commiserating future adoptive families. Meanwhile three families have been matched, but most importantly, there were 6 new kids in our county in process to be declared adoptable. Two months ago there were none. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. There is cause and effect. And there is God.

My poking around, and causing discomfort, against my general disposition and my way of handling life, I look back and I must wonder… what transpired? How has my unrest (burning from deep within) and asking questions moved the needle? God knows! 

However odd it might seem to you, the reader, my fervent prayer and complete abandonment into God’s calling, my responding blindly in faith, has been affirmed and comforted by this timely podcast sermon/talk given by the IJM director.

He shares about two years of no response, no change, nothing visible happing, of walking though wilderness, of praying fervently, feeling stuck and helpless… Suddenly the winds changed. The new election in Ghana changed the leaders in power and all of a sudden, corrupted officials couldn’t protect the perpetrators anymore. Hundreds of enslaved children were rescued and the guilty were brought to justice. All within weeks. 

Prayer is never in vain. 
Pray without ceasing. 
Believe. Have faith. Keep going.

It occurs to me that in my family growing up we didn’t overanalyze faith or our values. They were just there, clear as day. The moral compass I observed guiding my people, the power of belief in the face of adversity, today I close my eyes and I feel it deep within me. I don’t discount the importance of church and inspiring youth leaders in my formative years. If this is the only gift I pass on to my daughters, I’ll be grateful.