a moment of clarity

Dear friends, it has been a full year. Too full. I feel completely spent. The more I did, the more it felt like it’s not enough. I befriended so many new wonderful people in 2022, but as time is limited, I feel I have neglected many old friendships.

It is more joyous to give than to receive. But most people will take as much as you are willing to give. And the issue appears when you have nothing left to give. Except a weary smile.

If I feel such burnout, I can imagine all the hardworking, generous servants must feel spent. I think of many of my friends, and pray you are encouraged and feel affirmed. And also take time to rest and recharge.

I have lost my way foregoing the precious consistent time of meditation, of talking with God. The beauty is that I can still reset. Simplify. Humbly accepting that I can’t to everything.

My heart says of you “seek His face!”
Your face LORD I will seek. Psalm 27:8