A letter

The “20 things…” Adoption Book is pretty heavy, even depressing at times, but I like it. It is awakening. 

As it says in the beginning, many adoptive parents who start on this path in earnest, they romanticize the notion of adoption. I think this comes from a healthy mind and heart. Nobody would ever get married if the only thing they would focus on would be how challenging married life can and most likely would be. 

The same with traveling. It is painful for both the body and mind, expensive, with a lot of surprises. And yet we do it over and over again. There is always something in for us. Something that outweighs the cost. 

I got to a most touching letter that an adopted daughter wrote to her parents. I inserted our names there, just for effect.

“I expressed my gratitude for my adoptive parents in a letter I imagined God writing to them.”

“Dear Conrad and Violeta,

One of My children needs a home—a mother and father who will love her and provide for her.

I know how much you wanted to have children. I know the tears and anguish you have experienced. But the only way I could make a place for this child in your home was through the open door of your infertility.

I am loaning her to you for a while to take care of. Do the best you know how to do, for she is precious to Me.

Someday, when you are gone, I will be her mother and father. She will learn to trust Me and depend on me as she did on you.

Thank you for being willing to love My daughter and give her a home on earth.