11 years of marriage – trip to Florence

We’re on a city break, just the two of us. People we meet think we are a courting couple.

I thought we passed that time when we seemed too young to be married. We share 11 years of marriage, a wonderful daughter and a cool dog waiting for us at home. I would not trade my age, history, comfort in my own shoes and skin, life experience and familiarity with my soul for any youth-silliness.

Jaclyn stayed at home with my parents. 4 days straight for the first time. You just have to do it. Pull the plug and go. Recharge. Refresh. Enjoy.

I am a strong believer in time spent apart. It is healthy. It brings balance, and it makes one appreciate the togetherness. My parents got to see us parent on a daily basis, and saw what j responds well too. They did wonderfully together. Kept active, visited people, took naps, slept well, ate well (that took some negotiation at times).

I’m thinking we can do this again. All parties involved feel more confident and now have experience in this. J is pretty independent and outspoken. I think she kept my parents on their toes. But upon our return they were energized, happy, and had stories which they shared beaming with joy and pride.

Conrad and I spent a long weekend in Tuscany, with a home base in Florence. We took a train to places and we loved more the countryside than the crowded cities, granted the architecture of Florence was impressive… and the food was delicious and cheap compared to all other treats, like the beer and ice cream.

We are back home, and we found cluj cool and breezy. Green and peaceful, just like a summer Sunday evening should be. We love our home. It’s cozy. It’s where our family and friends are.

Two more weeks of busyness. Then J and I fly to France with the girls for a week.

One interesting fact. During this trip I found myself thinking and praying for the little one – little baby sister Colibry- more than I did for J.