You’re on your own

Such a familiar feeling. In first grade I realized I’m on my own. The big world is unwelcoming, unreasonable, harsh …but I must face it bravely, with only God on my side.

Yet. I’ve taken risks often. I’ve gone out on a limb and chose to trust again. I reach out. I share. Because I believe there is still honesty and integrity to be found.

I’ve been so often disappointed by leaders. Their inaction. Their lack of courage. But I hope, I believe, that if I speak up, I can persuade change. For someone who chose to study science, who loved math more than literature all throughout college even, I rely on words quite a bit. I’m confident in my ability to convey my heart, to make peace, to persuade others to see reason, to inspire action.

Tomorrow is the last day of quarantine. Our countries ministers and leaders haven’t made a plan for what happens when we exit it. Many of us are waiting for very specific things to happen. Including on the adoption front. There is a complete lack of timely communication. What do we do next? What are our guidelines?