“you are amazing!”

Conrad is sick and in so much pain. When jaclyn hears him cough, she says: “I’m sorry daddy you don’t feel well.” Then she whispers to me: “tell daddy you’re sorry too!” 😉

These two weeks are so heavy, it’s hard to believe we are still afloat. Our most expected shipment of grinders has finally arrived, and it wasn’t without hiccups. Then we stated shipping to those who had prepaid for said grinders.

We had Jaclyn’s second to last adoption meeting, and we met at the main Offices, very early in the morning on Monday. It was again negative 17 degrees Celsius. This winter has been brutal and constant. This is why Conrad’s system finally gave in.

The psychologist, who doesn’t seem to put much stock in our ability to intuitively and happily navigate the new role of parenting, recommended that we took Jaclyn to kindergarten this week, to get used to the place and build a positive experience before she stays there longer. It was a great first day at kindergarten, as I waited in the tiny lounge area, answering emails, planning more shipments while conrad did two deliveries, and Jaclyn forgot all about us while getting integrated. (I admit it was a good idea!)

I have felt very productive these days, and as I was preparing a warm meal, Conrad told me I am amazing. That he doesn’t know how I’m doing it all. He was very touched as he said it. This appreciation has warmed my heart. Multitasking is my favorite, if done well, and if I have scheduled times-off from it.

After we got home, and I made another stop to the post office to ship another grinder, I prepared two more shipments, and then drove to the family doctor’s office to get a paper for Jaclyn’s kindergarten, then to swimming (Jaclyn’s all time FAVORITE thing to do with mommy). In the parking lot I paid our friend’s electricity bill because he is gone all the time and it was imperative that his utility bill was paid today.