What’s the point of learning the hard way

…things that you won’t have to do again anytime soon.

I ask questions, but not nearly enough. People still assume I know how to navigate the system, being a Romanian and all, but in certain areas I simply don’t know what I don’t know. Anticipating the next steps for the poor citizen in line is a novelty here. How do you like to wait in the same line twice?

Well, if you ever buy a car, go to RAR first with all your documents. And if you make an appointment online, make sure you are committed to it because you can’t cancel it. No way. You have to petition it to the director and it takes days to approve it, and in the last one year, only one appointment has been approved for cancellation.

I had gone to three institutions to pay for fees and declare the car etc, but the one that takes the longest and it’s most complicated to process …we delayed. When I said I have never done this, so I don’t know, I need guidance; on the other hand I really really hate the patronizing questions in the aftermath.

Car insurances are hellishly expensive. Apparently I am a young woman driver! I have been driving for 13 years but I get the insurance rate of a 16 year old boy in US.

As of tomorrow we can’t drive the car for a bit. We are applying for red intermediary license plates which cost extra, until we get our real numbers.

On a chipper note, we have closets and they are beautiful!