What are we waiting for?

We’re wait-experts.

But waiting is not a good place to be in.
The best place to be in is the present.

Even if you’re tempted
to label it as terrible.

It’s not terrible.
It is what it is.

But our mental suffering occurs
when we cling
onto the past or the future.

Our life lesson
Of being present,
Even in the liminal space,
We finally learned.

Four years ago
I was a lot more anxious
About possibly losing
our incredible joy as new parents.
It felt too good to be true.

But God was so gracious and generous
And made our journey smooth then.

Today we found ourselves
Just behind the line
Along with many other
expecting parents.

And maybe,
Just maybe
We’re here, on this side
to share a bit of light
Of hope, of faith.

Our daughters are resilient.
Separated by a screen
Waiting patiently
That sweet reunion.

Two years are redeemed.
We finally gazed upon her sweet face.
She loves and longs for us.
We love her more than ever.

God is in control.
God is our perfect Father.
God is love.

Don’t cuddle with pain
Let it go,
no matter how tempting
to keep it near.

Make room instead for peace.
However unfamiliar.

We are all prodigal sons and daughter
And our Father presently awaits.