Today she pretends to go to work.

She picks up the box of puzzles with a handle (and that is her work suitcase). She goes to the bathroom, closes the door and stays in there for 1 minute. Then comes back and says:

“I went to work and made money today.”
“I need to go wash. It was a long hard day.”
She goes to the bookshelf and pretends to wash her hands and face. Then she says: “I’ll go sleep a bit. I’m very tired.” She goes to her room for 1 minute and then comes out saying: “I slept so well. I feel refreshed!”.

As she goes out to work again, she says:
”Bye! I love youuu!” (blows kisses)
“Have a great day! Bye Rufus! Bye mommy!”
Then she stops. “Oh! the phone is ringing. Who’s calling!” “Where is my phone by the way?” (the imaginary carton iPhone).

Repeat 25 times.