Violeta and I have been planning this move in differing degrees of seriousness for the last seven years. We’ve only began to be really serious about it about a year ago, when we planned the apartment-buying trip. All of the other events in our lives, looking back, have contributed to this leap and have helped us decide that it is the right time to do so. We both really enjoy sharing this stage with people, both in person, and through this blog, and even though we had originally planned it to be more of a journal that we shared with a select few, we can see now that it has reached far beyond even our immediate friends (thus is the power of the internet). In fact we only just recently began sharing occasional posts on Facebook. The outpouring of support we have received from friends has been welcome and encourages us to continue down the road we’ve chosen.

However, we often find ourselves in positions where we end up talking about ourselves too much with friends; whether because they ask, or because the conversation steers that way. I’ve felt for some time that this is too one-sided. I’m even more of an introvert than Violeta is, and I don’t find it natural to talk about myself, certainly not in public, and definitely not about some of the topics touched on here. But, still, I know people that are going through similar phases in their lives, and even if one of the topics we write about helps bring encouragement to them in their journey, it’s all worth it.

So in an effort to continue the conversations that we have in person, start new ones and expand them to this platform, I’d like to turn on the comment function of the blog. Feel free to write what you want. If you have a story, but don’t feel the desire to post it publicly, you can email us both at We would really like to hear from you, how this blog affects you, words of encouragement, or even the need for encouragement if you find yourself in similar situations.


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