Scoliosis update

A year and a half ago we discovered Jackie has scoliosis. It’s practically invisible to the untrained eye, but there it was. We embarked on a journey of self discipline, wearing a corset, doing daily stretches. Mentally and emotionally exhausted, and outgrowing the corset, we took two summer months off of wearing the corset or diligently doing the stretches. Whatever progress we made, it either regressed or her back simply didn’t improve at all in a year. As we wait for a new corset, we pursued a more proactive kineto therapy with recommended by a friend. Her tense muscles that twist j’s spine were visibly relaxed after the first session. Ah, the magic of knowledge, to help the static muscles to relax. J has extraordinary body strength and diligence. I am grateful for these sessions as I shared the load with a specialist. One more visit to go. We’re going to miss Victor. 🤗