About Sadness

“I feel sad”, says my 5 year old.
“Why”, I ask.
“I don’t know”, she answers.

Then J invites me to sit with her
For a while, before her nap.
So I lay my head on her pillow
And we smile nose to nose.
Then I make up a poem, a story.
Which rhymes in the moment.

After she falls asleep I try to write it down
But it’s not as cool as I told it to her on the spot.

Here it goes…

Sadness runs after us.
“Wait for me!” She yells out of breath.
I encourage you to stop.
Look sadness in the eye!
Wait. And ask her,
“Where do you come from?
And what do you want?”

Ask her!

I’ll wait here with you.

So sadness catches up with us.
Surprised that you see her.
That you look kindly upon her.
She answeres:
“That’s all I wanted.
For you to recognize me.
Good bye!”

Sadness is Beautiful.
Like a cold rain, in the late fall.
It doesn’t linger forever.
But as long as it exists,
Let it be,
Then let it pass.