Nostalgic already

The weather has been consistently Spring like: Light showers, moderate chill, sunny disposition.

After the first month this felt like our forever home. We entered a routine of work and fun and other explorations. Family time, church, friends. We are surrounded by reminders of our old lives here. There is an eery sense of normality, of home. Though with the same certainty we yearn for home in Cluj.

Three more full days and then we’re off to Cluj. Leading a double life is not easy nor recommended. We are forever caught between worlds, and in all honesty: we love it. It suits us. We will never be fully at home in either place. Except for Heaven.

I have done everything I set my mind to do, and then some. Jaclyn is fluent in English, she now knows us, her mommy and daddy, better. She entered our world before her, the world we left behind to come pursue her, her heart, her life. She adapted all too well. She is a traveler and adventurous at heart. That’s for sure.

We go for walks around the neighborhood, and so much is the same. The same we left it three years ago. Yet deep down I sense that much will change by our next visit. Yet we embrace that. We get giddy at the thought of “different”, of new challenges. I guess the deep matters of the heart are well settled, well loved, well nourished.

We are coming home. I look forward to a new beginning in our little community: Terra Gardens. The kids have grown a bit. I am less emotionally drained by social expectations. 2018 announces itself to be colorful, celebratory and traveled.

Meanwhile, in California the trees barely shed their Fall deep red and yellow foliage, and I already see Spring white flowers, burgundy buds, and the anticipation of life. We’ll hit reset for a month going backwards to winter, to snow, in Cluj, but there is hope. There is hope for warmth and we have willing hearts.