My first American pen-pal

…still inspires me to share my heart. Here is my response to her recent encouraging note.

Thank you for the words of love and encouragement, mama Gloria! Indeed, meeting you in Galați at 14, was a most blessed connection that changed the course of my life. 

I was just thinking about how I myself changed that summer I came to California, when I was 21. My soul blossomed, and I spread my wings, through the abundant grace and fun I embraced in the PBCC family. 

I used to be more reserved and pensive, but then under your roof I became a social butterfly. 

I see Jackie now, every time we go to the States, she undergoes the same transformations, at a younger scale, but her poise, courage, voice, standing tall, these are all visible changes with the naked eye. And I know it so well…

It has so much to do with the people I met in this US culture, and how they relate to foreigners like us. In the best sense of the word. Curious about our story, and thoughts and opinions… And the wholehearted fun no matter the age!

We are going along for the ride… and God is doing the rest, the miracles and beauty. Ah, and how well He knows to work with our imperfections. I hold this story lightly and cling on to God for wisdom… and he blesses us a thousand fold. 

Tomorrow I fly to Bucuresti for a World Without Orphans conference, specially focused on Romania, also known as Romania Without Orphans Association. 

I will share my books and my story during the last session. How crazy is that! I ask God to show me the way, to show a sliver of light in the cracks of a door that is meant for me to open, and instead He rolls out the red carpet.