letter to my altmann crew

Lately I feel that I lost my way with words. My brain feels scrambled. I don’t make much sense as I write or as I read my own freshly written thoughts. I’m coasting. To clearer shores. I hope my boat won’t sink.

After chatting with mom, I felt inspired to write my Altmannside sisters. And I’m documenting it here for later reflection on this year’s joy and madness.

My gang of moms, my sisters and little women in arms, with giant hearts, I have a moment of silence. Conrad is up at the garden packing the swing bench with Ivy. And Jackie is having her last zoom class of the day. I was inspired (as usual) to reach out and see you, together, think of you intentionally and fondly. I have no words of wisdom, just a bit of empathy in this chaotic year. A lot of distance has settled among our local friendships, though we understand everyone carries similar burdens, it’s difficult to realize we carry them individually, alone. 

My girls, whom I love and adore, drive me crazy more often than not lately. Because the cold season has begun and they need my reassurance and optimism and presence. There is a silver lining… and as I am reaching my limit forcing them to pay attention of figure some things out, I realize nothing is wasted, not even the hard circumstances. We’ll prevail and we’ll celebrate together our survival. Sometime.

I think of you with your littles. And I am glad you exist in the world. And you are kept willingly or not, busy. Good busy. As I feed, clothe, nurture my children, at the end of the day, it is always a good day when they are asleep in their bed and I take deep breaths while combing my disheveled mind.