Kindred spirits

I vividly remember certain conversations with a handful of customers. I remember the exact spot where we were sitting, and what we were working on.

This particular one was one of my first personal trainings. I was relatively new to this (high standard in my opinion) high-level training, but my genuine excitement about movie making snuck out and we created a short awesome video with music of a two year old granddaughter at the park on a Mary-go-round. But I believe it was a couple of years later, after life has happened in abundance to all of us, we reconnected at a more personal level.

Around that time I did not find it appropriate to tell any of my customers about my husband’s cancer diagnosis, even and especially just as we were going through it. Not out of shame or shyness. I guess I didn’t want to be gloomy unnecessarily. We had already dealt with it as a reality and present situation.

But I remember my heart pounding as I met my now-friend in the the same valley, of ache walking alongside the pain of a beloved one. We connected on a personal level. Because I mustered up the courage to speak up.

In my job I was not shandoffish but I did not go out of my way to be overly close and personal hwith everyone either. I always let things progress naturally, like a two people dance. Genuinely childlike.

That day I remember, it gave me a whole new perspective over sharing one’s life as it’s happening. We rejoiced in connecting beyond the mundane. We exchanged blogs and we kept in touch as much as life across the world permits it.

Today we got to visit my friend and her husband. Conrad found this excursion most engaging. How wonderful! I sometimes drag Conrad places, and often times he put up with it with stoicism and reserved patience. But not this time. He was happy and engaged, curious and stimulated.

How delightful to find a couple even more interesting than you had anticipated. Kind and open and so very generous. Jackie instantly felt the warmth and joy and explored everything with utmost delight. Dogs, nature, warm sunlight, tall trees and bark smell, fuzzy funny animals …now this is the perfect combination to charm Jaclyn with.