January 10

Jackie’s prayer tonight

“Dear God, thank you for how I played today, thank you for Luca, thank you for the family that You made for me. Thank you for Rufus. Please watch over my sister, and whisper in her ear that she is loved, and that we’ll be reunited soon.”

Then earlier today…

“I know when you don’t speak the truth. Don’t be a liar.” I told J in the heat of the moment. It pains me to admit it. She came close to me and said with a serious face “Don’t call me a liar. I said a lie. But I’m not a liar.”

I couldn’t believe her wisdom about identity. She is right. And I apologized. I asked for her forgiveness for speaking unkindly and unwise. There is a huge difference between being bad and doing something bad. 

In between I had an unexpected gift of validation. My husband asked for forgiveness for the pain he caused me by being passive. A long time ago.

In the process I reconnected with friends by daring with courage and stepping in the light with vulnerability, while they were willing and ready to meet me there.

Today I cried and laughed. I marveled at the life around me and I put my shoulder, my ear and my insight where they were needed.

Today we made a client happy and the response was beyond expectations. Today was enriching.