Isaiah 62

As I struggle with self worth during the lockdown
I read a word of wisdom,
an insight regarding adoptees
And their inherent struggle with self worth
Because as infants, they were given up.
I sit silent for a moment
And feel the future pain of my daughters.

This struggle though
can find its resolution and healing in Christ,
In Christ alone.

Reading Isaiah 62
my heart beats stronger for my daughters
It is not what we do
It is not what we have done
It is not what happened to us
That validates our worth.
It is YOU Lord.
And what you have done for us.

For my daughter’s sake I will not keep silent
Until their righteousness goes forth as brightness
And their salvation like a burning torch.

My daughters will be called by a new name
That the mouth of the Lord will give.

Jaclyn, the one who wrestles with God
Blessed. Protected by the Lord.

Evelyn, long awaited child,
Bold counselor, Song of the Lord.

A crown of beauty on the hand of the Lord
A royal diadem in the hand of our God.

It shall never be said of them Forsaken
But they will be called “My delight is in Her”

We shall go together though the gates
Paving the way through adoption
That others may look and see
The Blessing.
The mirroring of God’s heart for adoption.
Brokenness redeemed. And made beautiful.

Behold, an army of parents
are opening their hearts to adopt
All the children waiting.

And they shall be called “ The Holy People”
The Redeemed of the LORD

And you will be called “Sought out”
Looked after, cared for, valued
Not forsaken.
But Sons and Daughters of the King.