Into details

I made up a bedtime story yesterday. Generally, The stories we tell our kids are meant to be interrupted in order to clarify something, to comment on a behavior, to connect it to us.

I seriously disliked the said interruptions. We’ve cut bedtime story short because of incessant interruptions.
We’ve come a long way now.

So telling Jackie a new made-up story, I basically let her lead the way. And I realize that She is really into details!
…what was the bunny wearing? Short or long? What color? What were his parents’ names? Did he have any brothers or sisters? Their names! Cousins? Their names! (And J would test me if I stay true to the story.) What did he eat? What else? Did he like it? What did he do with his friends. Was he a good bunny? Did he get intro trouble? Was he curious? Was he kind? So our poor bunny had one short adventure. The rest of the time we dug deep into character development.