In the grand scheme of things

I was reading a book about adoption, which took a closer look at Moses in its first chapter. It mentioned there that God’s perspective is in “decades of life”. [so what is a year of pandemic in a lifetime? Course altering, life changing, chiseling…]

We may fret over daily events, and get bogged down by discouragement, disillusionment, frustration, fear. But adoption is impactful in a big way, long term. Our small acts of kindness today may be the mustard seed of a lush tree in a few years.

At the end of the day, at the end of the week, even at the end of the year, we draw the line and cumulate our experiences and growth and are able to have perspective. We don’t dwell on each second of the day, measuring it, weighing it, putting to much importance on it. It would be a crushing experiment. But we can look at even a lifetime of achievements and affirm it was a good life. A worthwhile journey.

So does God. In his eternity and timelessness, He is not bound by daily events. Though He is ever present in each breath we draw, each hair that moves. He sees the whole picture. He can fathom and control life in decades and centuries.

We indeed make choices. We have free will. And I’m certain he would have found a home for my girls, had we not answered His tugging at our year’s string, or we would have had something to do somewhat worthwhile, had we not chosen the adoption path, moving across the world, integrating, learning, serving, growing. And yet, this sweet path has been specially laid for us. We are still in the honeymoon season of life.

[May it never end!]

We prepare for harder seasons, for spiritual war, for hardship, for challenges and whatever might be coming. We pray we will be worthy and ready and able. But as I said, right now we are still in awe of God’s gifts, and joy and play and fun we have. We are tired and irritable at times, but if we have the ability to rise above the present moment and see the big picture, life makes sense. And we have renewed energy and hope.