A silly sledding accident on the very last day of snow this winter. Shook us up a bit. Made us slow down, and reassess quite a few aspects of our mundane life.

We had a heart to heart conversation about what we put in, in our minds, our bodies, our buckets. Why do we feel at loose ends, irritable. I went to a book signing “transition and formation” and got to catch up with a kindred spirit. We met a total sum of two times. We talked via messenger half a decade ago, about adoption. Anyway, she was sharing about how a few decades ago the Word of Truth was clearly distinguishable and people were HUNGRY. Insatiable thirst for God, hungry for His words. Today our appetites are ruined. We desire nothing, we’ve been munching on junk food. We are not satisfied but we don’t know what we wa t either. I hope we will never get obese on junk food of the soul, and insensitive to the delicacies of exquisite healthy True cuisine.

Conrad has been immobilized since yesterday though he still put pressure some on his foot- I wish he hadn’t in hidsight. He fractured his foot. He is completely on bedvrest with a cast on. Hopefully the cast will help fuse back the crack at the bottom of his fibula.

Taking Rufus for walks first thing in the morning, running errands, taking Jackie to and from kindergarten. On Friday he will take the cast off… and see if he needs a surgery to install a metal pin. Friday it’s my birthday. Awesome gift!

Pray for fast healing / bone fusing. When you remember us.