Heavy or light

I’m friends with excitement and anticipation. I welcome it as I perceive mostly the positive by default. Recently we started taking ourselves too serious and it got heavy. I just remembered a clever saying:

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”

Yes. This is a stressful time of anticipating crazy changes (home ownership across the world, potentially moving there within the next year, taking a sabbatical from a job I don’t want to leave, becoming parents overnight through adoption) and it would be a disservice to sweep this side of the story under the rug. It’s overwhelming. The luggage is heavy though we aim to pack light. One way I manage to detach myself from such feelings is remembering that we have nothing to lose. The race is won. Whatever happens in the present is a gift, including the experience and the ripple effect of God’s grace. We make billions of choices in a lifetime: some we will always remember, as they are of consequence, some are routine and safe, some are life changing. I can’t help but ponder the many crossroads ahead on our roadmap.

I just packed three computers in my carry-on. This is a little nuts as Conrad will carry technology in his bag as well. I packed my work badge just in case. This is the first and the last time we are doing this, at this scale. But we do it in good faith and with integrity.

Ten days to go. Two suitcases half full. And we try to remain present and engaged in our daily routine, with work and life balance.