He quickly responds

Then when you call, the Lord will answer.
‘Yes, I am here,’ he will quickly reply.  Isaiah 58

Half asleep, I hear my daughter call me every night.
In her sleep she cries out:
“Yes, ivy? I’m here!”

Then… silence. 

She wakes me up
As if to check.
She always insists.
And I respond.
Begrudgingly of late.
When will this end?
I’m tired. I don’t understand why she calls.
What can I do to sooth her?

But then I read this Word
The assurance that You are with us
And we are not alone.

You respond quickly 
And I know I can go anywhere with you
I am safe. I belong. I am heard.

I have renewed energy 
A refreshed perspective
And ivy calls again:
“Mommy!” In her sleep.
I go to her and make sure she’s covered.
I caress her forehead and kiss her.
“I’m here Ivy. I’m with you. You are safe.”

In the morning, she said: 
“You came when I called.
You kissed my head.
I love you.”

I thought she was asleep…
Yet she always knows when I get up in the night to check on her.

As a mom, with my limited strength and abilities 
I get a glimpse of my Father’s love. 
His readiness. His willingness. His presence. 

This is the Father 
I want my daughters to know
And to love.
As we are all broken, lost, fearful.
He makes all things new. 
We will always belong. 
We are never alone. 

“Yes, I’m here” He will quickly reply.