Full Spectrum

Years later what has been most encouraging to me was to read real hardships of the past. They are never fun when living them, as we don’t know the outcome… but here it goes. Probably the hardest day this year.

I thought our dog is going to die. He ingested aspirin yesterday, 24 hours earlier. He had a bad stomach reaction before that and now he couldn’t coordinate his walk, and he was sad and sluggish.
To anyone who doesn’t have a pet, this might seem trivial, but Conrad has been struggling since he broke his leg a week and a half ago, and I couldn’t even imagine what our dog dying would do to him.

No parking seems also trivial… but city parking. Not finding a safe, even paid, valid space for over a mile… that is rough. I ran to the hospital with winter boots on. And then I ran back because the only parking I found was rented by a resident and I had left my phone number on the dashboard. Driving is terrible. Tight streets, people parked every which way, traffic.

I opted for the more expensive but pickup from home shipping option for two deliveries. No regret. Best money spent today. And Pharmacies are getting rich on my dime lately.

Daddy is broken, Rufus is sick, the weather is cold, I am starting to feel the wear and tear of the marathon life. Haven’t lost hope. On the contrary. It is easier than ever to trust it all to God. I know I can’t alone. I am not supposed to.

The featured image is the view from the bathroom door, as I was getting ready to take a bath at the end of a very long day. How beautiful.