Exploring nature on a whim

In college I longed to go explore beautiful Romania. But I can count on one hand how many times I did that. I love nature, I enjoy hiking, but I was in a pretty lazy crowd. Only three guys had cars, and the logistics of traveling were otherwise complicated. And the days, the weeks, the months, years would go by without tasting the joy of exploring nature in its splendor.

I discovered myself in California in college, during those two summers of work and travel. I became whole. My arms stretched fully. I saw I can. I can do everything my mind can dream up. And I flew a plane, I waterskied, I skydived, I flew a Monterey, I hiked Half-Dome on a full moon and saw the sunrise from the top, I flew to Tahoe and rode tandem bikes all day and at the end of the day flew back with our friend who owns a private plane.

I worked hard, I got the job at a research company based on my knowledge in chemistry from 8th grade, and computer science. I tried so many things and I felt like I lived enough for a lifetime during those summer months.

I met Conrad in Cluj, a few months after I got back from California. We clicked. We were unattached. We had time to find ourselves over years of singleness. We were ready and clear minded to commit to each other in marriage. It’s been 12 years since then and we have no regrets. Conrad turned out to be an even more precious diamond in the rough. He has a taste for adventure, and we are of one mind on this matter.

We like to get in the car and go. Experience has taught us that adventure in nature fills us more than any weekend at home. We explore on a budget. We only spend money on the little gas. We can pack snacks and water and sandwiches. It would be unfair to say that anyone can do it. Because adventure in nature is most fruitful and possible with friends or family.

Now we go anytime nature calls. If I look back at this past year, we’ve been beyond blessed with opportunities and enriching trips with friends we’ve come to love even more as we bond together doing what we like. We go to high ground, get tired, breath fresh air, soak up the sun and the gorgeous nature.