With reverence we enter into your world, sweet Evelyn. Perfect in every way. It feels as if I have known you forever. 

Inquisitive eyes, silliness and humor, you locked eyes with your daddy and were drawn to him with surprising warmth. You melted in his arms, resting your head on his chest. What a beautiful sight!

I sat there and gazed upon you with bursting joy, and I let my heart sing a quiet song. We are here. We are finally here. Together. This is one incredible vista on the mountain we’ve been climbing forever.

The journey is only beginning, in earnest. But together nothing seems impossible.

The foster mom says you surprised her with your intuition. You heard many months ago a conversation about us. And yesterday you declared out of the blue that you are going to see your sister soon.

We have prayed that you are well loved and cared for and safe. That God will have His hand over you, and whisper of His love and our love for you. I prayed that God will protect your mind and heart… And He did. With incredible generosity.

Two years… an eternity in kid-years. It felt like an eternity with no clear outcome in sight, and we struggled in our faith. This mountain did not want to move in our own timing. But somewhere on the way I had to learn to trust God despite the silence. It is not faith that moves mountains. It is God in His grace that does it.