As a sort of follow-up to Vio’s post. One line reminded me of a conversation I had with some of the young people here.

We are not a brainless river… and even the river can reshape it’s riverbed with force, determination and a little help.

We went to go see “Insurgent” the other night with a group of young people (and Liviu). While the movie was well made (from the standpoint of high budget movies…), the experience that is “Cinema Florin Piersici” left much to be desired… without going into the details of the experience or the accuracy of the film to the book, which isn’t the point I’m trying to make, the concept of “Divergent” is what stuck in the mind of some of the girls that were with us.

Given, the movie (and books) are targeted at 16-25 year old girls (mostly), the underlying message of the series is that [spoiler, sort-of] people messed themselves up genetically, and found that the only way to get along was to shoehorn themselves into preset roles in society while the issue of genetics fixes itself “naturally”. The result of the repaired genetics in the community presents as these “Divergent” people, who don’t fit into society’s roles.

What was said after the movie was akin to a teenage boy hyped up after an action movie, or at least it seemed that way. But now that I think about it, it seems the culture here is so used to letting the critical thinking be done by the officials, and just going with the flow. And if a culture is accustomed to not being able to get things done on their own, having those connections and back-doors to solve their issues makes sense. Yes, the West sees that as corruption to a degree, but it’s part of the symptoms of the disease here.

In other words, we need more people who don’t fit into society’s preset molds, and as much as the older generation may scoff, and question the soundness of the younger generations’ decisions, I say bring on the Divergent!